Higher-Level Filtration Technology

Aqua Fair technology produces Higher-Level Filtration Technology depth filters with increased filtration capacity, longer lifetime, and higher performance that reduce overall costs. Aqua Fair filters have high structural integrity combined with a greater void volume, giving a lower pressure drop, much improved dirt holding capacity and efficiency compared to conventional filters. Aqua fair filters are made of  polypropylene, a recognized environmentally safe and recyclable material for purity and ease of disposal.

Polypropylene Cartridge

Aqua Fair Polypropylene filter cartridge is filter element that provides excellent dirt holding capability and high removal because of its multiple layer configuration. It applies advanced microfiber media technology to offer outstanding high flow rates, outstanding micron ratings and great contaminant retention capacities.

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Polyester Cartridge

Polyester media filter cartridges with stainless steel core are available for applications where their temperature and chemical resistance is more suitable; e.g. for filtration of edible and petroleum oils, pesticides, etc

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RO Cartridge

Aqua Fair Cartridges for Reverse Osmosis Plants are effective and efficient for removal of silt, sand; rust and other suspended particles from RO feed water.

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End Adapters

All end adapters are thermally-welded to the pure polypropylene Aqua Fair filter. The positive weld assures bypass-proof performance and structural integrity without adhesives 
or additives, maintaining cartridge purity. All adapters are molded of the same polypropylene as the cartridge for chemical compatibility, ease of disposal, and to comply with requirementsfor food and beverage contact.

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Aqua Fair depth filters have revolutionized filtration with Higher-level technology that overcomes the limitations and drawbacks of other filters.

Other Features.


Water treatment PCB industry Pre RO/ID water filtration Chemicals ,solvents Plating solution Electronic Industry Petrochemical Process Filtering for Food & Beverage

Detailed Introduction

Filter Media Polypropylene Length 10″,20″,30″,40″,50″,60″,70″,72″ Micron Rating 1, 5, 10, 20,25,30, 50, 75, 100 μm Inside Diameter 1.1″(28mm) Outside Diameter 2.36″(60mm), 2.5″(63mm), 2.55″(65mm), 4”(100mm), 4.5”(110mm) Core PP, SS, GMS Gasket/O-ring Neoprene End Cap Flat ,222 O-Ring

Chemical Compatibility

Please consult our chemical Resistance Guide for chemical compatibility information on our filter media and core material. Polypropylene core is the economical choice for most applications. Available in 28 mm inner diameters. Stainless steel core extends chemical, temperature, and differential pressure limits of cartridge. Galvanized Carbon steel core.

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